I WISH to add my voice to the letter entitled ‘So frustrating’ (Aug 26) in which the reader (Name and address submitted) recounts their torrid experience in trying to get an actual GP appointment.

I suspect there is an element of Covid being used as an excuse within some GP surgeries, a view reinforced having read some reviews online about others’ experiences.

In my case, my consultant wrote to my GP and specifically asked that she arrange a face-to-face appointment.

That was in June and I have had no success. Indeed, I have even written to the GP concerned as well as their practice manager and not even had the courtesy of a reply. 

I managed a telephone consultation, only after completing an online form, as my GP did not proactively follow-up my consultant’s request.

I was told my GP would ring me back that afternoon but never did, instead sending a text saying that I needed to make another telephone appointment.

Immediately I rang the surgery back and a recorded message advised they were closed for staff training.

They certainly need that!

I have contacted the CCG, the Primary Care team have also been involved and I now have a complaint logged with the NHS. It is MORE than time that actual appointments should be standard, after all everywhere else has opened up.

Kevin McMullen,

Thatto Heath