I FULLY agree with last week’s writer about the lack of appointments with doctors, and the way these calls are handled.

How they expect people who are working to get any attention I do not know.

You have to start ringing at 8.30am, most people are now at work and cannot access a phone until after 5.30pm, which is far too late as they don’t take forward bookings.

People have to take time off to get an appointment, which are still telephone ones, so further time off to receive the call. You can ring until about 10.30am and still it rings engaged. When you finally get through all appointments for the day have gone.

Then they tell you to go to the walk-in centre or A&E, putting more pressure on already over-stretched facilities and staff.

Elderly people can’t always do this.

I asked when it would go back to normal and was told probably never.

I would like to know how you ever get to see a GP.

A lot of elderly people are very distressed with this situation as well, just a few minutes speaking to or seeing the doctor can put their minds at rest and ease their worries.

All surgeries and doctors don’t work the same but a number have jumped on the bandwagon during Covid.

My mum and dad lived in Rainford and in their latter years they had a monthly visit from their doctors and always could speak to someone if they needed to, that’s the kind of service we want.

Details submitted via sthelensstar.co.uk