I HAVE been interested to read the debate in the Star about St Helens town centre in recent weeks.

I have to say, while it’s not quite what it was (not many town centres ever will be after losing iconic high street shops or department stores) I’m still very fond of our town centre.

And to be honest, I don’t think I’m the only one.

For all you can say about the closures etc, one thing that can’t be denied (certainly of late) is the town centre is busy with people.

Now, they might not be spending a great deal, we’re not to know that, but they are spending time here. They want that sense of place, belonging – especially after all this time being isolated.

To me it shows people around here do want a town centre – and that’s a great starting point. I really do hope the plans to rejuvenate it pay off too. I’ll be giving my support along the way.

The moaners, well, let them moan.

Mr Brightside (name and address submitted)