I WAS really disappointed to see so many empty shops on a recent trip to St Helens.

It is a like a ghost town.

We used to enjoy spending all day Saturday mooching round the shops and having lunch in one of the many cafes.

There was always a lovely lively atmosphere with lots of families and young people milling round.

Now, all you see are down and outs loitering in doorways.

So sad to see Marks and Spencer, Argos and the former Woolworths site all boarded up.

I feel sorry for traders in St Mary’s market hall as several stalls have gone and shops in the neighbouring precinct have closed down.

Big travel agents where customers used to patiently wait in queues to book holidays are no longer open for business.

I wonder how many people have lost their jobs?

Even the multi storey car park has been demolished so the town is making it more difficult for shoppers to visit.

I know there has been talk of redevelopment but if councillors don’t do something soon you won’t have a town centre left to invest in.

Annie Warburton