I NOW live in South Wales but I came home to St Helens for a friend’s birthday last weekend.

Before we left we walked around Victoria Park.

It’s always been such a beautiful space and I was thrilled to see the beautiful community garden.

We made our way over to look.

There we met a lovely lady with her daughter watering her space and everyone else’s.

She explained how it came about and went on to say what a blessing it has been in these difficult time.

Then sadly she pointed out a beautiful patch where vandals had pulled up all the beautiful plants also destroyed signs and plaques.

Other areas had been trampled on plants destroyed.

I was devastated for her.

Such an amazing idea creating a lovely space that benefits everyone.

She told me that the council ranger would meet her later to discuss the damage.

I’ve lived in Wales for years but will always be a St Helens girl.

I really hope all the amazing hard work done can be rescued and who ever committed this mindless vandalism is caught.

Well done to all the locals who made this community garden possible.

Joolz Stewart (Holden),

Neath, via sthelensstar.co.uk