REGARDING the article in the Star, October 25, reporting on the 1,000 homes trial of three-weekly collection of rubbish in brown bins.

As a keen recycler myself I am concerned about families with babies/toddlers.

Have the council considered that families put dirty disposable nappies in non-recyclable waste?

This can be quite a lot of nappies over a three week period.

Especially if the family have two children in nappies at the same time.
Why have a trial in winter?

In the summer the smell (even though the dirty nappies will be in nappy bags) and the number of flies this will attract around the bins will be horrific.

Waste bins are placed at the front of properties for ease of collection.
As a dog walker I have noticed the amount of flies on bins and the smell in the streets during the last summer.

I don’t have any young children and double bag my dog’s waste. I also cleaned my bin out after every two-weekly collection and there were always flies around my bin during the summer months.

Also, in some areas of the town bins are placed at the front of the properties all the time, not just on collection day.

I hope this doesn’t go ahead, but it probably will because of the money concerned. 

Patricia Fairhurst,