I HAVE been reading an article in your paper, edition the May 10, regarding the expansion of the station car park at St Helens Junction, expanding from 66 spaces to 240 spaces at a staggering cost of £792,000.

Hasn’t this got to be one of the biggest wastes of public money being spent in the area when six days after the expanded car park opens, Northern Rail’s new timetable sees a reduction in services at the station by up to one third? 

The hourly express service to and from Manchester Airport and Liverpool will now run via Warrington.

In another article you mentioned the “new” diverted from Warrington, Trans Pennine Train service stopping at Lea Green Station, which at the moment also has parking problems and will have a lot more once this new service starts.

Does somebody not talk to somebody when money like this is being spent? They have been working on this car park since last November and it’s been public knowledge of the train service amendments since January. 

That’s five months these parties have been going in their own direction. 
If they had communicated properly with each other possibly the expanded car park would have been at Lea Green.

Jim Sheppard, 
Sutton Heath