I AM writing regarding the roadworks taking place on the East Lancashire Road at Haydock.

The traffic restrictions are in place daily 9.30am until 3.30pm.

My little boy attends Grange Valley Primary school, whose school day finishes at 3.25pm. 

I am a teacher and I work daily until 3pm. The delays caused by the traffic restrictions mean that myself, along with other parents are sitting in long streams of stationary traffic daily waiting to collect our children. 

After school clubs are inundated with children whose parents are “delayed in traffic”.

Many parents are paying additional costs (£6 per day) to put children into after school clubs because of traffic.

Cars are cutting through Haydock in an attempt to get around the traffic on the East Lancs Road. Church Road cannot cope with the volume of traffic cutting through.

English Martyrs Primary school is equally affected, as their school day ends at 3.15pm. 

I wonder if the council would consider any possibility of adjusting times of traffic restrictions to allow parents to collect their children on time without having to pay £6 per day (until potentially October) for after school clubs? 

Moving restrictions to finish at 3pm would make a huge difference to parents collecting children.

Name and address submitted