NO one has the right to take away the school crossing men and women, our kids come first.

Too many cars, too many accidents.

So crossings are a necessity, if Governments can give Lords money for nowt just to sit there, get them on the job.

Some of the folks who make sure our kids are safe are older than these ‘titled’ lot, who wait to see how much they get for just sitting there.

If the ordinary man will have to work now till he’s old, get the Lords jobs on the school crossings, warn them they will need a mac. 

They will have to stand there in all weathers, they won’t need titles (of course)

They would be working class

It’s time things get sorted out, too many things get stopped or even closed down.

They always seem to be necessities of the ordinary folk.

We need houses, but where is the land?

It’s round all the mansions.

Nothing seems to count for those who work and pay rates etc.

Yet Lords have hand outs for sitting there.

It’s only the good ordinary folks who keep our places intact so all titled folks should earn their keep and our kids are safe going to school.

I respect anyone who stands in all weathers to make sure they are safe.

G Kearns
Address supplied