IT WAS interesting to read your online coverage of the extraordinary meeting at the town hall held over the proposed three-weekly bin collections. 

It is an issue for which the council has taken a lot of flak over, some probably unfairly.

But it was striking to see the elephant in the room being pointed out as a council director said one of the main reasons for the changes is “due to legislation that requires local authorities to take actions to help improve climate change on the world stage” and that councils “also have a 50 per cent recycling target by 2020 imposed by the EU”.

Apparently this will not change after we leave the EU as the government is currently in the process of transferring EU legislation into UK law.

Of course the council will get the blame but, as in many cases, they are merely doing what a lot of local authorities’ work involves; implementing policy dictated from way above.

So much for taking back control. 

Dentons Green resident