THERE was a film on TV recently titled Idiocracy. It features a man specially selected as your average Joe for an experiment by Pentagon top brass.

He is put into ‘hibernation’ by the boffins but is then forgotten for 500 years.

Waking in a totally dumbed down world, he rates as a genius.

This film was made in 2006 but with hindsight the makers didn’t have to wait five centuries to find a society which has had its brains sucked out.

We’re already there.

Just examine the totally bonkers happenings of the last few years: Trump! You couldn’t make it up.

What next? Russell Brand for Prime Minister?

The Brexit referendum which sparked such a deep and destabilising rift in our nation.

Corbyn playing the New Messiah.

The proliferation of social media providing a platform for the witterings of morons… and not just Trump. The demonisation of men by a new puritanical elite of women.

Men who use power to cross the line are fair game.

But you wonder what it would mean for the male of the species, if some had their way.

I could go on… but I’m sure Star readers will want to add their own favourites to the list. Let’s hear them.