THE latest line of negativity to emerge from the council chambers are cuts to ranger services and further threats to the former jewel in the crown of this borough: our parks.

Sherdley Park has already been decimated, almost as badly as the town centre, and it is death by a thousand cuts.

Tory cuts have hit all the surrounding towns, however all except ourselves and Knowsley seem to have a plan and execute it reasonably well.

The rate payers need to be able to compare and contrast how we as a town have been affected by austerity and the councillor allowances being claimed in comparison to Halton and Warrington for instance, those areas seem to have inbuilt resilience and robust leadership which in turn has protected their services for the most vulnerable and allowed business growth.

Leadership is everything and a councillor for one of our most deprived wards recently expressed concern about political leadership at the council.

It is little wonder law and order has left our town and gone elsewhere in the “city region” if no one is pushing back on behalf of a once proud and fiercely independent borough.

Lawrence Carter Jones, Clock Face