SAINTS skipper James Roby went back to his Blackbrook Royals roots at the weekend for the club's under 10s jersey presentation.

And he took along superstar Ben Barba to the Boardmans Lane outfit, with the ace full back taking time to answer questions from the youngsters.

The pair's presence delighted the youngsters - who were only too keen to ask questions about the toughest opponents he has faced.

Blackbrook Royals U7s 52 Bank Quay Bulls U7s 56.

Tries: Harry Davies 5, Lucas waddilove, Dylan Mather 2, Tobias Edwards 2, Jack Jameson, Ethan Tucker 2.

Widnes West Bank U8s 28 Blackbrook Royals U8s 40.

Tries: Alfie Lyon 3, Reece Taylor 3, Aiden Mahon, Kayden Lee, Louie Cunliffe 2.

Blackbrook Royals U9s 28 Shevington Sharks U9s 20 Tries: Jack Lee 2, Daniel Weston 2, Harvey Kempster, Archie Lowe, Callum Holmes.

Bank Quay Bulls U9s 20 Blackbrook Blues U9s 16.

Tries: Aidan Gibbons 2, Tommy Davey, Kaelan Gardner.

Blackbrook Royals U10s 28 Saddleworth Rangers U10s 18.

Tries: James Moss 2, Ronan Bradbury, Peter Burgess, Declan Rigby.

Blackbrook Blues U10s 4 Folly Lane Crusaders U10s 34.

Try: Noah Dean.

Blackbrook Royals U11s 32 Ashton Bears U11s 18.

Tries: Zach Levick 2, Rory Holliday, James Palfrey, George Dean.

Blackbrook Royals U12s 48 Wigan St Judes Maroons U12s 0.

Tries: Harry McLoughlin, Trent Kelly-Duffy 2, Liam Wood, Cole Marsh, Charlie Ryan 2, Dylan Kelly-Duffy, Nathan Benson.

Blackbrook Blues U12s 36 Golbourne Parkside Pirates U12s 8.

Tries: George Whitby 2, Jacob Walker 2, Josh Langley, Zack Levick, Liam Smethurst, Ben Hall.

Blackbrook Royals U13s 34 Crosfields ARLFC U13s 6.

Tries: Lewis Naylor, Josh Davies 2, Patrick Buckley, Alex Moss, Harrison Dean.

Blackbrook Royals U14s 10 Ashton Bears Golds U14s 24.

Tries: Nathan Shryan, Tom Prescott.