Do you remember Fulham's first ever game in rugby league in September 1981? The novelty value of this 'new' sport in the capital saw a near five figure gate crammed into Craven Cottage to watch the team's opening second division match.

One of the things that helped sell that match was the opposition - Wigan, who despite their fall from grace were still a big name, synonymous with rugby league.

Without being disrespectful to other teams in that division, an opening fixture against Blackpool, Bramley or Huyton would not have had the same appeal to it as a visit from Wigan.

Relegation is a brutal mechanism for chopping teams that have lost their way.

But every cloud does have a silver lining – a look down the crowds that season saw a noticeable rise, often doubling in the gates of clubs entertaining Wigan.

This isn't a history lesson to remind double winners Wigan where they have come from, rather it is a look at what can be salvaged should four-time Super League champions Bradford Bulls be relegated.

The Bulls find out on 4th June if they are to get back any of the six points they were docked for entering administration.

If they are unsuccessful in their appeal it will be hard to see them clawing back the eight points on Super League’s perennial survivors Wakefield. (You get the impression that after a nuclear war the only thing left behind would be cockroaches and Trinity – a team who just seem to cling on regardless.) Bulls will be able to clear the decks in the Championship and start afresh. And similar to the Scottish football second tier featuring Rangers, Hibs and Hearts, it could lead to some mouth-watering fixtures in the rugby league Championship.

I don’t doubt Keighley, Halifax and Featherstone are already looking forward to some tasty local derbies against the fallen giants from Odsal – especially the first two given that Bullmania at its height blatantly encroached on to their patches.

With the new 12-12, 8-8-8, league format coming online next season it is vitally important that the middle eight is a vibrant league that has teams that can sustain themselves and generate crowds to remain competitive.