MARTIN Murray’s battling performance against WBC middleweight champion Sergio Martinez has opened plenty of doors.

The St Helens fighter controversially lost April’s fight in Buenos Aires on points - following on from his last drawn world title fight against then champion Felix Sturm in Germany.

Decisions like that have made Murray a little more cautious over what fight he takes next, with the camp of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr keen to get the St Helens man over to Mexico in August.

A year ago Murray would have jumped at that chance, but now he has to make sure that this is the right fight for his career - especially since being on the rough end of two home decisions in his last big bouts abroad.

Murray said: “I will leave it with my manager but the final say will come to me and my trainer Oliver Harrison.

“Nobody tells us who we have to fight and we won’t be getting rushed into anything.

“We will wait and see what comes along and what the best offer is.

“The best offer might not be the best choice.

“I have to start being careful of how I plan my next route, rather than getting up and just flying to Germany and to Argentina.

“It is not as an easy as winning a fight and getting a decision and I don’t fancy getting ripped a third time.

“I wouldn’t mind a world title home fight, but there is no guarantee that is going to come.”

Murray’s performance in the backyard of the Argentine world champ Martinez certainly brought a response in the boxing world who had not given him much of a chance.

Reviewing the fight since his return home, Murray is adamant that he won.

The 30-year-old from Fingerpost said: “I have watched it twice and I do think that I won the fight but I knew I was not going to get it in Argentina, so I am not surprised.

“It does my head in watching it now, thinking what I could have done, but I am my own worst critic.

“There were a lot of good things coming from it.

“For a start we showed we belong at that level.

“I bossed him for the majority of the fight, had him down twice and in all kinds of trouble.

“I thought anywhere but his own backyard I would have got the decision.

“But it has opened some big doors for me now and proved we are at that elite level and I can get some big fights off the back of it.”