RAINFORD High School pupil Mattea-Jay Oliver won four gold medals at the Lancashire County Age Group Swimming Championships.

The long course swimming event, which took place over two weekends, brings together the very best of the Lancashire County swimmers all of whom have competed through the season to gain qualification times fast enough to gain entry.

The first weekend was held at the 50M Manchester Aquatic Swim Centre and the 2nd weekend at the local Picton Wavertree 50M Swimming centre.

Mattea-Jay, aged 12, has won the Lancashire BAGCAT competition for the last three years but the 2013 Lancashire Competition took place without that aspect of the championships being included.

Mattea-Jay competed in seven stand-alone events through the weekend and finished the championships with four gold medals, two silvers and a bronze.

During the competition she managed to secure swimming times across 6 of the events that will allow her to compete in the National Swimming competition in July 2013 at the Sheffield Commonwealth pool Ponds Forge.