MARTIN Murray is confident of finally becoming world champion on Saturday night when he takes on German warrior Arthur Abraham in Hannover.

The 33-year-old Fingerpost fighter, who has lost two and drawn one of his previous world title challenges, believes a number of factors point to this being “his time”.

Murray believes a combination of the experience he has gleaned from his previous title clashes, feeling comfortable at super middleweight and the way his preparation has gone gives him his best chance to date to bring home the belt.

But he knows it will not be easy. Abraham, a veteran of many a title battle at both middle and super middleweight, boasts a record of 29 knock outs in 43 wins and although now 35 the Berliner harbours a big desire to unify the belts in this division.

Murray, of course, has powerful ambitions of his own and victory in Germany would not simply fulfil the his dream of being St Helens’ first world boxing champion in living memory.

It would also open up some massive fights, with George Groves listed as a possible opponent in the rematch clause with the Sauerland Brothers should Abraham decline a return bout.

But that is all for the future, Murray has just one focus - getting the job done in Hannover on Saturday night.

Murray said: “It is a tough fight and it being in Germany makes it even harder, but everyone has got this feeling that this is it, this is my time, this is when I finally do become world champion.

“It is all right saying it now, a few days ahead of the fight, but I really do feel that myself.

“It is a hard fight but I am ready to put myself through everything to finally come home with that belt.

“The experience I got from those title fights at middleweight – a weight I shouldn’t have been at – gives me more confidence going into this one at my natural weight.

“The other fights haven’t daunted me.

“The Sturm one came a bit too soon, I was never going to win the Martinez one and Golovkin was the hardest fight out there.”

Murray believes he can give the veteran, who fights in very powerful one-minute bursts, something to think about.

He said: "I have just got to put him in his place, it is about cancelling that out when he wants to work. That comes with experience, that is what we have worked on.

“Abraham has fought everybody – he is a warrior but I am something completely different for him.

“My boxing skills and versatility is going to get me through this fight.

“I cant stand there and trade with him for 12 rounds, I have got to mix it up. It is about having the knowhow when to do that best.

“He is a big strong fella so I have got to be wary. I think I have just got his number, but I have got to stay focused for 12 rounds and just keep my mind on the gameplan.

“There are only two ways he can beat me – one is if I get complacent and get caught with a silly shot and the other is the scoring.

"That’s it. If I stay focused for 12 rounds I have got the job done, it is mine."