WORLD title contender Martin Murray reports that training has been going well ahead of his latest title tilt – and has even been going behind enemy lines.

The 33-year-old Fingerpost fighter stepped up to the 168lb division after losing to the awesome force that is Gennady Golovkin in his last middleweight challenge.

Murray tackles super middleweight champ Arthur Abraham for WBO belt in Hanover on November 21 - and is sharp and in tip-top shape after bouncing into it after three straightforward stoppages at his new weight.

Murray said: “We are just a good place physically and mentally.

“I am working under Wigan Warriors’ strength and conditioning coach Mark Bitcon and I do my training at Orrell in the Wigan Warriors gym.

“A few of the Saints fellas give me a bit of ribbing, but they know it is good for me and the people at Wigan treat me well.

“I have been working with ‘Bitters’ now for more than a year but he is the first strength and conditioner I have had who talks to me and explains to me and really puts a plan in place.

“Because we have moved up in weight we have done exercises that are about building muscle without killing my body so that I am fresh for the gym.”

He has also been going through the game plan thrashed out by his trainer Oliver Harrison as he plots to bring home the world belt at the fourth time of asking.

Although Murray is not putting the cart before the horse and knows that winning the belt would fulfil one dream.

He also knows open up the opportunity to complete another mission - to fight at Langtree Park.

“There are options in the contract about rematches, but I will deal will all of that once I have got the belt.

“The main focus for me is winning, but it opens up some great fights and keeps my dream alive of fighting at Langtree Park.

“I speak with CEO Mike Rush and a few others at Saints and they have had that idea in place a long time and know that they want it too. I’ve been ready for a long time.

“Hopefully I can get this belt won and then hopefully get a big homecoming at Langtree,” he said.

Meanwhile, to almost underline what a tough fight Murray gave Golovkin, the undefeated middleweight champion stopped his latest opponent David Lemieux in round eight in Madison Square Garden at the weekend, taking the IBF belt in the the process.

Chris Eubank Jnr bravely predicted that he has spotted weaknesses in Golovkin and would like a crack, before hinting that a fight with Murray is what people may want to see too.

“I’m not going to say anybody can beat me. The question is who the public want to see me fight.

“People have mentioned George Groves and Martin Murray – these are fights the public want to see.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my fans so if that’s what they want and we can get, that’s what we’re going to do,” Eubank said.