CHRIS Eubank Jr. believes he can do what St Helens favourite Martin Murray could not do – and beat Gennady Golovkin.

The son of the former world champion was speaking as he prepares to make his Sky Sports debut against Tony Jeter on Saturday night at the Sheffield Arena.

Golovkin, who beat Murray last February, again showed his awesome power as he demolished Chris Lemieux after eight rounds in New York on Saturday night to add the IBF title to his WBC, WBA Super and IBO belts.

If anything Saturday's fight showed how tough an opponent Murray is - he took GGG to 11 rounds before succumbing.

But Eubank Jr. – who is ranked at number one in the WBA – says he has seen chinks in the Kazakh ace’s armour that he would exploit.

Eubank Jr. defends his WBA Interim Middleweight crown against the tough American and a win will set up a crunch clash against Irishman Spike O’Sullivan in London on December 12 as he looks to land a World title fight in 2016.

“People see Golovkin as the top fighter in the Middleweight division – and as the type of fighter I am, I want to fight the best,” said Eubank.

“I want to prove that I can mix it and beat these guys. Anyone in the Middleweight division that has a belt – I want to fight them. There is no reason that within the next two years, I can’t have all those belts.

“Golovkin has got weaknesses that I feel I can exploit, so the goal is to work towards that fight. It's a huge fight down the line.

“I think he's easy to hit and I can exploit that. I don't think he's had a defining fight. I don't think he's fought anyone who's really been there to try and win.

“I'm not going to say anybody can beat me. The question is who the public want to see me fight. People have mentioned George Groves and Martin Murray – these are fights the public want to see.

“I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my fans so if that's what they want and we can get, that's what we're going to do.”

Eubank’s father and British boxing legend Chris Eubank Sr. compared the potential showdown between his son and Golovkin to his own World title blockbuster grudge matches with Nigel Benn – and said he had no doubt that his son would defeat ‘Triple G’.

“Christopher possesses all the attributes needed to beat Golovkin,” said Eubank Sr.

“It's a tough fight but Junior beats him in my view. It's going to be a fabulous chase for us because we are chasing.

“I'm not as cagey or cautious as Junior. I've been there and done this. Back in 1990 I fought Nigel Benn and I don't know any critic who said I should have taken that fight. It's the same thing with Golovkin – Christopher beats him now.

“We're working with Matchroom and Sky Sports. All of these possibilities can be realised. Having this platform gives us the conduit to reach those contests. We're very confident. It's a fantastic time to show what we are.”