It’s difficult to know where to begin this week. I’m well aware my columns in the last few weeks have created a bit of noise and controversy surrounding recent performances.

In no means was it written to be controversial, merely my opinion on the current situation of the team and certain players.

It’s not a witch hunt, as I’m good friends with the majority of the squad but I have to give an honest account of what I’ve seen.

Unfortunately, yet again on Friday I was proven right.

It was probably the worst Saints performance I’ve seen since retiring to become a spectator, possibly the worst in the Betfred Super League era.

Take nothing away from a resilient, dogged Castleford side who gave everything to get the 8-6 win, but that side shouldn’t be beating Saints at home, ever.

Yes, we have a number of key players out injured, and some who you know would have a massive impact on others, namely Knowles, Mata'utia and Walmsley.

But that’s the game, and as our coach Paul Wellens said in his post match interview, there was still enough in that Saints 17 to take care of business.

I’ve absolutely no doubt the defeat wasn’t due to the lack of effort, but with that you need composure, guile and the basic skills to win matches.

Saints didn’t have any of the above. I was watching from the stand, and it looked at times that players didn’t know what they were supposed to be doing.

In defence of Wello, I know how good a coach he is. Meticulous in his preparation, very well respected by his players and staff and a coach who likes players to play.

As a player he was someone who enjoyed the fruits of a team who loved to ‘play’. Why wouldn’t he want that as a coach.

It’s easy for people to jump on him when the team turns out a performance like on Friday.

Unfortunately for him it comes with the job but once those players cross the white line, what they serve up is out of his hands.

Dropped balls, forced offloads, falling off tackles, ten metre touchline penalty kicks, a complete lack of communication and direction has to sit with the players on the field.

What does sit with the coach is what he does about it the following week, and Paul Wellens has already hinted they’re will be changes.

The team are going through a tough spell no doubt, and confidence is low, but they can’t dwell on it.

If ever there was a game to completely turn around the current situation it’s Wigan away!

There’s no doubt the neighbours over the hill will be intent on crushing an already broken side, however as I well know having been on the wrong end a few times, stranger things have happened.

Back to selections, I’m afraid there has to be changes at half back. Lewis Dodd just isn’t doing it. It’s too an important position, that impacts too many of the players around him.

The lack of direct attacking threat, and overall involvement cannot be carried at Betfred Super League level. Other key indicators Lomax and Welsby are trying hard, but again need more composure on the ball.

We need to create more opportunities for our back rowers and strike players.

Players like Mark Percival, who I’ve got to say week in week out gives nothing but 120 per cent to try and bring something to our attack.

As I said last week, I care massively for this great club and it’s been a tough watch the past few months, but there has been some positives.

Matty Lees and George Delaney continue to lead from the front, despite the lack of front foot rugby. Sam Royle crossed for his first Betfred Super League try, and a good friend of mine, Johnny Vaughan made a well deserved first team debut.

He deserved it to be on a better night than it was, however there is no doubt this kid will be involved in many a great night at St Helens RFC.

So, on the DW Stadium on Friday to face Betfred’s clear 8/11 favourites to retain their title at the end of the year.

The Warriors are four points clear at the top of the table with a game in hand, but aren’t unbeatable…far from it.

However, it’s going to take an almighty turn around in performance if we are to do that.

Betfred, rightly have the home side 2/7 favourites to win the game, and it’s hard to disagree.

Following the Wigan game it doesn’t get much easier as we take on third place Warrington back at the TWS, so a big confidence boosting performance is a must on Friday.

Keep the faith Saints fans!

As frustrating as it is at the moment, the team will be stronger with your support.

Nobody makes mistakes on purpose, and no player wants to go through this dip in form. There is only one way those guys can turn it around, and it has to start 8pm on Friday.