WHEN he steps into the cage at The Olympia in Liverpool on 8 June, St Helens teenager Shea Williams, who turned 15 last month, will be the youngest person ever to have appeared on the adult card of a show organised by Full Contact Contender or FCC, writes James Bovington.

Shea trains at three gyms Aspire MMA, Trident Martial Arts and KC Fight.

St Helens Star:

He said: "FCC is probably the biggest MMA federation in Britain with the pro fights being featured on UFC Fightpass.

"I’m looking forward to beating my opponent who’s had 50 MMA amateur fights.

"I’m undefeated in 19. I love training whether its MMA, wrestling, boxing or Brazilian Jujitsu, but the best thing is competing.

"The build up to it, getting weighed in, the walk to the cage is special and then the fight."

Home-schooled Shea lives with his parents and three brothers and sisters in St. Helen’s and began training about ten years ago.

"We’re sure that he has the potential to be a successful professional fighter given that he’s competed internationally in MMA, Brazilian Jujitsu and grappling racking up over 500 wins," explained dad Michael.

"Shea went to Abu Dhabi aged just 13 in 2022 and won a medal in the IMAFFS, the world’s biggest youth MMA competition."

The fight rules require Shea to wear soft shin pads until he turns 16.

However, neither boy will wear any protective headgear.

"It’s our responsibility to defend ourselves," explained Shea.

"However, we can’t punch in the face when on the floor. I’m going to do absolutely whatever it takes in that cage to win this important fight and entertain everyone."

"He’s a regular teenager," added dad, "as he likes to see his friends at weekends once he's finished training.

"He’s been training up to three times a day for seven days a week in the build-up to the Liverpool event.

"We couldn’t be prouder of our tough, talented and most of all highly courageous young son who is completely dedicated to and has massively benefitted from the sport he loves."

The Williams family are keen to thank Shea’s numerous sponsors including Venum the official sponsors of the UFC, Frequency Fitness, Rhino Leisure, Feel Supreme, GGRS Energy, Grapplers Soap, Debron Fabrication, Macro Chef Meal Preps, Belmont Tyres, Concordia Clinic and Good To Go Hydration Drinks.