TWO St Helens Sutton athletes achieved sub 3 hour finishes at the TCS London Marathon.

This is a finishing time that many long distance runners dream about. Ryan Molyneux was the first home in 2 hours 47 minutes 51 seconds, followed by team mate Matt Blake in 2 hours 58 minutes 57 seconds.

Both times well under the three hour mark.

Meanwhile at the London Mini Marathon the day before Liam Johnson u17 and Bobby Birkett u13 both represented the North west.

Liam recorded a time of 7 minutes 43 seconds to finish second north west counter and Bobby posting a time of 9 minutes 16 seconds to finish 5th north west counter.

St Helens Star:

On the same day and much closer to home the clubs u13s and u15s boys and girls competed at Victoria Park Warrington in the Lower YDL League. It was a great start to the season with the club recording no fewer than 23 PBs on the day with Sutton finishing 3rd.

St Helens Star:

U13 boys.

75 metres (A); 4th Oliver Sharp 11.04 secs.

(B) 3rd James Goddard 12.00 secs.

150 metres 4th Oliver Sharp 22.07 secs.

(B) 4th William Stamper 23.01 secs.

800metres (A) 2nd James Goddard 2 mins 38.7 seconds.

(B) 1st Lucas Vine 2 mins 42.5 secs.

1200 metres (A) 5th Woody Deane 4 mins 31.5 secs.

(B) 4th William Stamper 4 mins 44.6 secs.

Long Jump (A) 4th Oliver Sharp 3.49 metres.

(B) 4th Woody Deane 2.45 metres.

Shotput (A) 4th Lucas Vine 4.94 metres.

(B) Woody Kelly 4.14 metres.

Javelin (A) 5th Woody Kelly 10.66 metres.

4x100m relay 3rd (no team declared).

U13 girls.

75 metres (A) 6th Sophie Lang 12.03 secs.

(B) 6th Juliana Roberts 12.08 secs.

75 Metres N/S Sophie Barr 1st 11.03 secs.

150 metres (A) 6th Sophie Barr 22.04 secs.

(B) 6th Juliana Roberts 25.4 secs.

800metres (A) 1st Tess Mullen 2 mins 36.8 secs.

(B) 1st Sophia Hunter 2 mins 42 secs.

800metres N/S 1st Sophie Lang 2 mins 49.4 secs.

1200 metres (A) 5th Melissa Goddard 4 mins 38.5 secs.

(B) 3rd Lily McKeegan 5 mins 8.7 secs.

Long Jump (A) 5th Sophie Barr 3.30 metres.

(B) 6th Lily McKeegan 2.52 metres.

High Jump (A) equal 2nd Tess Mullen 1.25 metres.

Shotput (A) 4th Melissa Goddard 4.89 metres.

(B) 3rd Juliana Roberts 3.20 metres.

Javelin (A) 3rd Sophie Lang 11.57 metres.

(B) 2nd Melissa Goddard 8.34 metres.

4x100metre relay: 6th Sophia Hunter, Sophie Lang, Lily McKeegan and Melissa Goddard 66.01 secs.

Under 15 boys.

(A) 100metres 5th Lewis Barr (no time recorded).

(A) 200metres 5th Dylan Roberts 28.07 secs.

(B) 2nd Lewis Barr 27.06 secs.

300metres (A) 5th Jamie Hughes 51.01 secs.

(B) 5th Dylan Roberts 46.01 secs.

800metres (A) 4th Noah Hammil 2 mins 35.0 secs.

(A)1500metres 1st Riley Underhill 4 mins 51.2 secs.

(B) 1st Sam Callaghan 5 mins 29.6 secs.

(A)Long Jump 3rd Dylan Roberts 3.90 metres.

(B) 1st Sam Callaghan 3.32 metres.

(A) High Jump 4th Noah Hammil.

(A)Shotput 4th Riley Underhill 5.35 metres.

(B) 2nd Sam Callaghan 4.96 metres.

(A)Discus 2nd Riley Underhill 11.93 metres.

(A) Javelin 4th Jamie Hughes 19.29 metres.

4x100metre relay 4th Lewis Barry, Jamie Hughes, Noah Hammil and Dylan Roberts 56.5 secs.

4x300metre relay 2nd Jamie Hughes, Riley Underhill, Sam Callaghan and Noah Hammil 3.173 minutes.

U15 Girls.

(A) 100metres 3rd Daisy Underhill 13.2 secs.

(B) 5th Chloe Brownbill 14.7 secs.

(A) 200 metres Daisy Hatton 27.3 secs.

(B) 4th Rebekah Goddard 29.0 secs.

(A) 300 metres 3rd Rebekah Goddard 51.7 secs.

(B) 2nd Lois Wilson 46 .8 secs.

(A) 800 meters 4th Lois Wilson 2mins 54.8 secs.

(B) 5th Chloe Brownbill 2mins 59.6 secs.

(A) Long Jump 5th Rebekah Goddard 3.65 metres.

(B) 4th Daisy Hatton 3.07 metres.

Shot Put 6th Chloe Brownbill 5.00 metres.

4X300metres relay 4th Chloe rownbill Lois Wilson Daisy Hatton, Rebekah 3mins 22.9 secs.