VERSATILE Sione Mata'utia's consistently outstanding performances in the red vee - whether in the centre or at prop have been flying under the radar this year.

That is the view of Saints head coach Paul Wellens, who believes the former Australian test wing is being overlooked when it comes to handing out Steve Prescott Man of Steel points in the weekly rounds.

Wellens praised Mata'utia's willingness to switch to do what is best for the team and so far this season has played centre, prop, second row and occasionally had to switch mid game.

He has impressed in all roles, not merely filled in - and he was hailed by the coach after the Good Friday win over Wigan.

Wellens said: "One player that stands out for me is Sione Mata’utia.

"You tell any other player that can start in the middle one week and be one of the best players on the field, who can start in the centre of the week after and again be one of the best players on the field or start in the second round and be exactly the same.

"He's pretty unique in that respect and the biggest compliment I can pay him is that I'm having to beg him or twist his arm in terms of taking up different positions.

"He's happy to put to put the team first and that means so much to me."

So far this season the plaudits have been spread across the team - with James Bell, Alex Walmsley, Daryl Clark, Matt Whitley and Jack Welsby deservedly earning praise.

But Wellens believes that the 27-year-old former Newcastle Knight, now in his fourth season in the red vee, deserves more credit that he's getting. 

Mata'utia, who signed a one-year extension last year with a one year option, has become a valuable member of the squad and in the recent games against Leeds showed the value he brings to the team with his disciplined physicality.

"He absolutely goes under the radar.

"I think he's been outstanding all season. I think when Steve Prescott Man of Steel points are handed out, I think he's overlooked.

"He probably deserves to be on about 12 Man of Steel points already.

"But that's just my opinion. But I know the playing group in there feel the same way about Sione - he's a special player and a special person."

Wellens also praised the effort of Curtis Sironen in Good Friday's display - particularly with the extra effort he had to produce with both Mark Percival and Joe Batchelor leaving the field.

St Helens Star:

"Sirro has had an outstanding pre-season. He's been a wonderful addition to the squad since he's arrived there," Wellens said.

"He's really bought into what we're about and I think that's showed today.

"He was cramping up at the back end of the game but managed to stay out there, managed to find an effort.

"Again he’s a bit like an Alex Walmsley in that he is unique in terms of big back rows in Super League are hard to come by, but he's certainly one of them who can trouble people."