SAINTS coach Paul Wellens has given an injury update on Mark Percival and Joe Batchelor, who both left the field in the Good Friday win over Wigan.

And there is mixed news with Percival needing to be checked out after being the victim of a high tackle for which Wigan prop Liam Byrne was red carded.

There is more positive news on Batchelor, who was fit enough to return to the fray - but didn't.

Wellens said: "Mark Percival is going have to get checked out. I have not spoken to the doctors yet, but obviously, he took a bit of a head knock there which we'll have to look at.

"Joe Batchelor was fine.

"He was ready to come back on the field but we didn't quite get that done in time, which was frustrating, and we ended up losing an interchange.

"That is something that we need to tidy up on in terms of our staff, but he's good to go next week."

Saints made a couple of changes from last week with Tommy Makinson's return to the win after a two-week lay off meaning Wellens had a call to make on the other flank.

Wellens opted for Jon Bennison over Waqa Blake and he explained why: "Wing was one of the really big decisions because I thought both Waqa Blake and Jon Bennison were excellent in the victories at Leeds and then obviously Tommy Makinson was returning.

"But Tommy's Tommy and he's got credits in the bank and whether people agree with it or don't agree with it I love Tommy what brings to this team, so he got the shirt back and then I had a tough call to make.

"Waqa has had a disruptive preseason, he has had a disrupted training week again, which was unfortunate and that's why I went with Jon Bennison.

"I'm confident that both guys can do a great job, but at the back end of that game Harry Smith put one of those kicks up, and I have stood under plenty of kicks like that and they are difficult to catch, but he made it look easy today.

"And not only did he make it look easy, he made a 30-40 metre run off the back of it, which was a huge pressure reliever at the time."