20 years Good Friday 2004 was one of the stormiest Saints v Wigan encounters of the modern era.

A packed house saw the game explode following an off the ball confrontation between Wigan hooker Terry Newton and Saints' Good Friday debutant Jon Wilkin.

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It escalated when Saints' big Samoan winger Dom Feaunati threw a haymaker on Stephen Wild, who had grabbed Wilkin.

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Then all hell broke loose with Andy Farrell joining the fray, cameras picking up him calling Feaunati an out-house  (or words to that effect) as Paul Wellens gamely put himself between the Wigan skipper and Paul Sculthorpe.

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Later Farrell thought he had won the pulsating game for the Warriors, but Sean Long effortlessly stroked over the match-levelling drop goal after stepping away from dummy half.  

But it was the brawl that is still talked about today - and shown almost every year.