ST HELENS Sutton A.C had a healthy turn out of 20 runners at the St Helens 10K on Sunday.

Matt Crehan retained his title to finish first home and race winner in a close fought battle with former teammate and training partner Jon Jo Doherty of Liverpool Harriers.

Matt crossing the line in 31 minutes 8 seconds and Jon Jo just behind in 31 minutes 9 seconds.

Meanwhile in the ladies section of the race in form Lucy Fairclough was first female in 37 minutes 22 seconds and VF55 Sonya Monaghan won her age group category in 45 minutes 38 seconds.

St Helens 10k results from St Helens Sutton AC runners.

1st Matt Crehan 31 mins 8 secs.

9th Matt Blake 35 mins 45 secs.

19th Chris Birkett 37 mins 5 secs.

23rd Lucy Fairclough 37 mins 22 secs.

38th Joe Byrne 38 mins 40 secs.

39th Michael Brussels 39 mins 5 secs.

61st Barry Graney 40 mins 16 secs.

84th Alan McKeegan 42 mins 2 secs.

117th Martin Johnson 43 mins 18 secs.

141st Lily Birkett 44 mins 24 secs.

168th Paul Brownbill 45 mins 11 secs PB.

175th Amy Upton 45 mins 23 secs.

181st Sonya Monaghan 45 mins 38 secs.

221st Sarah Birkett 46 mins 38 secs.

247th Susan Johnson 47 mins 13 secs.

288th Siobhan Massey 47 mins 57 secs.

671st Neil Lowe 56 mins 3 secs.

869th Niamh Waring 59 mins 15 secs.

1,335th Jane Makin 1 hour 15 mins 55 secs and Dawn Waring 1 hour 24 mins 9 secs.

1428 runners closed in.