HAPPY Days! This week’s #ThrowbackThursday throws up a genuine pictorial pearl showing a group of Saints fans at Wembley for 1978 Challenge Cup Final.

The then traditional homemade banner – from the self-deprecating St Helens Nurds - captures the times and the essence of old days at perfectly.

It is a reference that links Saints’ team with the American TV series Happy Days, which was hugely popular at the time.

The Cunningham reference is not simply a nod to Richie, who vied with Henry Winkler’s Fonzie character as the leads.

But his namesake Eddie Cunningham was also a fan favourite in the Saints side – and that year had switched from centre to second row in the absence of Eric Chisnall.

St Helens Star: Happy Days at Wembley 1978

Cunningham may have been cool, but The Fonz – with his trademark leather jacket – would steal the show.

As for the game itself, it started well with Saints taking a 10-0 with tries from Graham Liptrot and Bill Francis, but alas Leeds fought back to retain the Challenge Cup with a 14-12 victory.

But where are the St Helens Nurds now? And do you recognise yourself or anyone on the picture.