ENGLAND internationals Morgan Knowles and Jack Welsby have been confirmed as Saints' new vice captains to support of club skipper Jonny Lomax.

Head Coach Paul Wellens has confirmed that the pair's appointment  will form part of his senior player leadership group.

Knowles and Welsby are key men within the Saints ranks and have plenty of success on their records already, but like the entire Club have strong desires for more.

Wellens said: “Here at St Helens we’ve got a strong leadership group that have led the led the team so well for a number of years now, so when you're making those choices it's never easy because there are a number candidates - but in both Morgan and Jack I see two people who could potentially captain the Club in the future.

“I see two people who have enthusiasm and a work ethic, two people that have a huge amount of respect from the playing group.

I know, having been the captain of the Club myself, you can't do it all on your own and you need a good support network around you.

"In both Morgan and Jack, Jonny [Lomax] has got two people that he can rely on, but there are also a number of other players who haven't been named in those roles, who will also provide strong support as well.”

Knowles said: “I’m made up to be thought of highly at such a big club as Saints, I’ve been here a while now and it's an honour, hopefully I can do it justice.

“Jonny is the right man for the job, he is a captain that I'll follow and he’s inspirational both on and off the field.

"He leads with his actions, and I know it means a massive amount to him. There is nothing more that I’d love to see than Jonny lifting the trophy with a Saints shirt on his back and whatever I can do to help him and the group I'll do.

“We all know how good a player Jack is and he has a massive influence on the team, even given how young he is.

"Some of the stuff that Jack does is just brilliant and he has definitely got the capabilities of being a great leader.”

His views were echoed by co-vice captain Welsby.

He added: “I’m delighted, I just want to carry on playing good rugby and win things here, that's my main goal and to support Jonny in his role - he deserves it, there's a reason he's captain and I’m going to support him as best I can.

“I think Morgz deserves it as much as anyone, if it wasn't Jonny as Captain, for me, it was Morgan. I think he is very similar to Robes [James Roby] in a lot of ways that he does his talking on the pitch, but when he does say something he's very much heard.

"I'm very glad that to be Vice alongside him and I know he’ll do a good job of it as well.”