THE publication Earning their Stripes is currently selling in the Club Shop with this commentary providing a fascinating history of the Saints in Victorian times.

It wasn’t all beards and bedpans, though they were not far away.

THE Saints have had all sorts of folks in their ranks including four Mayors of St Helens, an MP, three coopers, two cloggers, two rope makers, one chimney sweep and a rag and bone man.

Four brothers named Lyon (James, Joe, Thomas and William) were all Saints...a case of four Lyons in our shirts.

St Helens Star:

Find out how the Saints were evicted from their ground and how a new spirit of the Saints was generated in the terraced housing of Brook Street, Peter Street and Kirkland Street area by some boys from the hood.

Why did the Saints have to play at five different locations before they ended up at Knowsley Road?

What happened to the posh blokes who started the Club and when did it become a working man’s sport?

Who were the Eccleston Rangers and what is their place in our history?

What were the tumultuous events of 1879 and 1880 which caused pandemonium in the world of rugby in St Helens?