WYTHENSHAW Park played host to the second round of the Manchester and District Cross Country League.

All the heavy rain of recent weeks had made the course extremely heavy going under foot, with large sections of deep cloying mud.

There were three standout performances on the day from the club. In the under 13s boys race Bobby Birkett finished an excellent first, winning the race in 12 Minutes 54 Seconds for the 2600km course out of 161 runners.

St Helens Star:

In the Under 17s Boys race Liam Johnson came a splendid 3rd clocking 21 minutes 49 seconds for the 5900km distance and last but not least Taylor Massey finished 2nd in the Under 20 Female and 22nd overall in the Ladies race run over the distance of 7650km.

St Helens Star:


Under 11 Boys 2600km: James Goddard 12:30 (28th) Under 11 Girls Hannah Melling 14:57 (54th), Eva Southworth 15:37 (56th), Evelyn Bushell 17:29 (63rd), Lucy Clauge 17:34 (64th), Juliana Roberts 17:37 (65th).

Team Position - 17th.

Under 13 Boys 3300km: Bobby Birkett 12:54 (1st), Sam Callaghan 15:11 (44th), Tyler Pearce 16:06 (63rd) Lucas Vine 17:02 (79th).

Team Position - 9th.

Under 13 Girls: Tess Mullen 17:25 (51st), Melissa Goddard 17:36 (54th), Chloe Brownbill 17:56 (59th) Lily McKeegan 18:11 (62nd).

Team Position - 15th.

Under 15 Boys 4350km: Luke Wilson 18:02 (31st), Riley Underhill 18:11 (32nd), Dylan Roberts 18:25 (39th), Ben Genner 20:51 (63rd).

Team Position - 10th.

Under 15 Girls: Isabelle George 23:36 (45th), Nicole Anders 25:45 (53rd).

Under 17 Boys 5900km: Liam Johnson 21:59 (3rd), Will Vose 24:14 (22nd).

Under 17 Girls: Lily Birkett 29:08 (12th).

Senior Ladies 7650km Taylor Massey 35:37 (22nd 2nd Under 20), Rachel Wilcock 40:57 (117th), Siobhan Massey 41:16 (123rd), Susan Johnson 41:42 (129th).

Team Position - 22nd.

Senior Men 9900km: Daniel Cooke 40:04 (52nd), Steve Anders 42:12 (100th), Ryan Molyneux 43:53 (145th), Michael Brussels 44:27 (162nd), Joe Byrne 46:04 (202nd), Chris Birkett 47:06 (233rd), Dean Dale 48:40 (277th), Martin Johnson 53:18 (396th), Paul Brownbill 57:14 (475th), Andrew O'Connor 60:42 (511th).

Team Position - 21st.