ENGLAND'S Lionesses Euro success in beating Germany last week has certainly propelled women's football into the spotlight.

But St Helens has had its own pioneers - of which Lily Parr of the Dick, Kerr's Ladies after World War I.

But long after that, as this photograph shows, St Helens Town had a ladies section at their Hoghton Road ground in Sutton.

Star reader Mary Bolton has got in touch with us to send in a picture of that team- who were coached by her granddad Joe Grice.

She said: "With all the ladies football going wild at the minute I thought I would share a picture of my grandad Joe Grice who ran and trained the ladies football team at Town Ground Sutton for years and years.

"I remember watching them every Sunday when I was about 10 years old.

"He had four children my Mum Mary Rooney (nee Grice), who sadly passed away in October 2020, and three sons John, James, Kevin - two of which played at played at Town Ground with the Men's team."

Anita Ashcroft, who was a member of this team, has subsequently given us following names since being shown the photograph.

Back Row: Manager Mr Joe Grice, Lynne Anslow, Anita Ashcroft, Jackie Anslow, Cath Caine, Julie Brazier, Unsure, Margaret Wilson, Pat Bate.

Front Row: Unknown, Unknown, Elaine?, Unknown, Sandra Bullock, Janet Grimes, Colette Cummings. 

If anyone can fill in the blanks then let me know.

Email: mike.critchley@nqnw.co.u