IT is Challenge Cup day at Tottenham - Wigan take on Huddersfield and before that Leigh face Featherstone in the 1895 Cup.

And to mark the day we have quiz to test your rugby league knowledge.

1. Batley dropped one goal when they won the first Challenge Cup final in 1897 – how many points was that goal worth?

2. Who broke his nose, scored two tries and won the Lance Todd Trophy on his 19th birthday when Huddersfield last won the Challenge Cup?

3. Who was the first player to be sent off in a Challenge Cup Final?

4. Vinty Karalius captained which two teams to Wembley victory?

5. Which player made the most Wembley appearances as captain – six in total?

6. Who scored the fastest ever Wembley try in the 1972 Final?

7. St Helens 1976 team was given the nickname based on which BBC comedy series?

8. Which two professional teams played the curtain raiser before the 1997 Challenge Cup Final?

9. Who won a Challenge Cup winners medal in 2002 AND 2004?

10. Which pair of brothers played in the 2004 final?

11. Who scored the first try at the new Wembley in 2007?

12. Who was the first of the Chisnall brothers to be on the winning side in a Challenge Cup Final?

13. Which player tasted back-to-back Wembley defeats in the 90s with two different sides?

14. After losing four times at Wembley who finally won a Challenge Cup winners medal at Murrayfield in 2000?

15. Why was the 1932 Cup final venue unlucky for Swinton?

16. The dad of which comedy actor played in the first cup final staged at Wembley?

17. Which was the last football club ground to stage a Challenge Cup Final?

18. Who did Warrington beat in 2009 to win their first cup in 25 years?

19. Prior to Wigan winning eight cups in a row, who was the last team to beat them?

20. Who was the first player to be sin-binned in a Challenge Cup Final?

Answers will be online on Monday