SAINTS' opening score of the night against Warrington was an unorthodox one to say the least - and welcomed by coach Kristian Woolf as a blow against a rule that needs to be replaced.

Wire had been awarded a scrum close to their own line and appeared to attempt holding the ball at the back.

Teams have been doing this in an attempt to catch the defending team offside by advancing before the ball is out - however on this occasion it backfired.

Saints put a push on and through a heap of bodies Alex Walmsley emerged to pounce on the loose ball for a try.

Woolf said: "We have had a bit of a plan there in terms of what we wanted to do around teams that do that (hold the ball in the scrum).

"I was happy to see that try because it is a really poor rule that we allow teams to play for a penalty.

St Helens Star:

"You don’t want plays in the game to play for penalties so it was good to see that backfire so to speak.

"I was really happy with the way our blokes responded and that was a real sign of a team that wants to compete, and compete on every play."