PILKINGTON FC were dominant in their 4-2 win against St Helens Town in the ‘El Glassico’ St Helens supported the boys as a brilliant turnout fuelled this massive game.

A slow start for both sides allowed them to both settle and find each other out.

Town’s Jamie Apperley had the first chance of the game as he attempted to lob Andy Heal but the ball found the outside of the post.

Pilks and Town struggled to create much early on, however the first goal of the game was a green one.

On 15 minutes, the returning Callum Laird found space on the edge of the box and curled his shot into the corner.

Although Town fought back with shots blasted into the frame by Neil Weaver and Dale Korie-Butler.

St Helens Star:

22 minutes had gone, and Laird made Town’s job even harder. He once again found himself on the edge of the area and sent his shot rifling into the bottom left corner.

Fortunately for Town, the Glassmen slowed down after the 25-minute mark and the blues grew into the game.

The next real chance was only after 41 minutes as a Neil Weaver free kick on the edge of the box just whistled over the bar.

However, Prescott then said goodnight to the blues as he got in behind the back line and finished the ball superbly, right on half time to make it 3-0 to Pilks.

St Helens Star:

It would’ve seemed at half time that Town were down and out, Pilks had to keep the pressure.

Pilks midfielder, Paul Watson said in the changing rooms, “We don’t have to win by a cricket score – just control the game and see it out.”

Pilks were obviously very happy with their performance.

Pilks once again came out firing for the second 45. More chances went the way of Marsh and Laird, Pilks were going to score again.

They did so in the 54th minute as a Phil Marsh penalty was converted into the bottom right corner.

Marsh then made way for a familiar face in Graham Boylan who was Pilks’ Cheshire league winning captain.

Nathan Quirk also replaced a well worked Adam Howard.

Town were able to get one back in the 68th minute through Lewis Hassan, a bullet shot smacked the crossbar and the linesman said it crossed the white paint.

Pilks’ standards had dropped massively, and it showed when they conceded another by Joshua Rhami with a finish at the back post. Nathan Moore took the place of Jack Cunliffe and Pilks saw the game out to gain a massive three points in the derby.

The result edges Pilks back closer to the play-off spot whilst it roots St Helens Town to the bottom spot.

It is now almost certain St Helens Town will finish bottom of the league after a disappointing season where they never really got started.

Town's next match is a 3pm kick off at Ruskin Drive on Saturday against Steeton.