ST HELENS super featherweight boxer Adam Carberry will at last make his pro debut in Bolton on Friday night after having two previous fights pulled.

Carberry, who is trained by multiple world title challenger Martin Murray, is the first professional to come out of Dom Hodnett’s gym at Wildcard.

It has been quite a journey for the 21-year-old who has come through after joining aged 11 and has done 10 years continuous at the Parr club.

Murray said: “Adam had been training flat out and he has got his debut on 18th February – it is long awaited and he’s more than ready, so he’s looking forward to finally getting out there.

“He has experienced a lot already in this game considering he’s not fought.

“But he’s ready, mentally and physically, and we are looking forward to finally getting the wheels in motion and getting his career moving.”

Murray is his main trainer, but the team features two of Carberry’s old amateur coaches Dom Hodnett and Mick Gill, who have just got their professional boxers’ trainers licence so are now allowed in the corner.

Murray has been impressed with the qualities shown by his protégé – particularly his attitude and dedication.

“He is dedicated; he is in the zone and when you see him in the gym he is a different fighter and has that professional mode mentality.

“He knows it is a place of work and he is working.

“That is how I was and that is exactly how I want him to be.

“Adam has that quality in him which is a quality you can’t buy or produce.

“He has a good start with a work ethic and a mindset like that,” Murray said.

Anyone who wants tickets can collect from Wild Card Boxing gym in Parr (Parr Sports and Community Club).