ALEX Walmsley has a fascinating story to tell - and he has done so in his testimonial brochure that goes on sale tonight.

The full colour brochure provides a pictorial flick through his career, from junior level with Dewsbury Celtic and into his Leeds Met Uni and Batley Bulldogs days.

And of course there are plenty of him lifting silverware at Saints, captured by Bernard Platt.

It includes some witty and wise contributions from teammates and coaches past and present, and those buying it will discover which sport Justin Holbrook banned the Saints players from playing when he took the reins in 2017.

But Al's story is a compelling one, not least because he came to the pro ranks late.

Despite all that he has achieved in the game and the respect he is shown by teammates and opponents alike, he remains humble.

The meat of the booklet is very much provided by Walmsley's own story told in three distinctive chapters - and some of the adversity he has overcome to reach the pinnacle.

There is content in here that has not really come out in media interviews, and it makes for a compelling sit down and read job.

It is priced at £6 - and on sale at the ground tonight.