ST HELENS Hockey club are looking to add a junior and ladies section to the club from this season and are running sessions for newcomers to try their hand and hopefully join up.

There is an open day at Selwyn Jones, Newton le Willows on 15 August, with juniors (aged 8-16) welcome between 10am and noon. Ladies, aged 16+, have a time slot of Noon till 1.30pm and men from 1.30-3pm.

The club has been running now for six years with the men's set up well established.

St Helens Hockey's John Graham said: "We've now got everything in place to allow us to take the next logical step and go from being a men's team to a family club offering hockey to all.

"There aren't too many sports that allow the whole family to participate, Hockey is one of few sports with men and women on a par.

"As such many of the well-established clubs have whole families involved with father and son, mother and daughter often sharing a field.

"People of any age from a variety of backgrounds come together with one shared passion.

"With multiple teams playing in one day the opportunities to watch other games and socialise with other club members is frequent.

St Helens Star:

"We are keen to introduce new players to the sport and also perhaps those that have gone away from is for one reason or another to come back and join and help grow St Helens Hockey Club.

"With the Olympics underway many may see hockey on the TV and be curious about playing - we're hoping to give them a chance to try it and provide them with the equipment and coaching to do so."