SAINTS' Wembley homecoming will use the vintage bus supplied by the Northwest Transport Museum based in St Helens.

The same bus was used for other Challenge Cup homecoming celebrations including in 1996 pictured above when Bobbie Goulding''s Saints won the cup for the first time in 20 years.

James Roby's men have had shorter to wait - but after 13 years the town will be glad to see this most historic piece of rugby league silverware back in St Helens.

It will see two buses pass through several locations around the borough, starting at 6pm.

The bus route is: starts 6pm Penny Lane, Church Road, Clipsley Lane, West End Road, Haydock, Blackbrook Road, Park Road to Fingerpost to Parr Stocks Road, Fleet Lane, Concourse Way, Berrys Lane, Watery Lane, Junction Lane, Station Road, Robins Lane, Scorecross, Linkway, Sherdley Road, Elton Head Road, Rainhill Road, Nutgrove Road, Thatto Heath Road, Lugsmore Lane, Prescot Road, Dunriding Lane, Knowlsey Road, Mill Brow, Millbrook Lane, Kiln Lane, Greenfield Road, Boundary Road, Kirkland Street

Here are some of Saints' previous homecomings.




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