REMEMBER when your dad took you for your first pair of rugby boots?

It was always a landmark moment in growing up - the start of when sport gets a little bit more serious (Adidas Flanker from the shop in Ormskirk Street, August 1978).

Father's Day is on opportunity to reflect on the path our dads set us out on.

And at pro level there are plenty of players who have followed in their father’s footsteps into the paid ranks.

Saints have had plenty of lads who have been chips off the old block when it comes to playing.

As part of a Father’s Day challenge we want you to come up with a team made up of Saints players who followed their dads into the professional game.

St Helens Star:

Here is a 13 as one example of sons XIII with dads in brackets.

1. Steve Prescott (Eric, Saints, Salford, Widnes).

2. Barry Ledger (Eric, Saints).

3. Paul Loughlin (Terry, Saints/Blackpool).

4. Paul Newlove (John, Featherstone, Hull).

5. Anthony Sullivan (Clive, Hull, Hull KR).

St Helens Star:

6. Tommy Martyn (Tommy Snr, Warrington, Leigh).

7. Paul Bishop (Tommy, Saints, Cronulla.).

8. Keith Mason (Keith Snr, Dewsbury) .

9. Joe Egan (Joe Snr, Wigan).

10. Adam Fogerty (Terry, Rochdale, Wigan, Halifax).

11. Chris Arkwright. (John, Saints).

12. Mark Flanagan (Terry, Oldham).

13. Andy Northey (Keith, Saints.).

St Helens Star:

Subs: Dave Lyon (Geoff, Wigan), Bobbie Goulding (Bob, Huyton, Saints), Phil Veivers (Jack), Austin Donegan (Joe, Saints)