TOMMY Makinson will be named in Saints 21 to face Leigh on Friday.

The former Golden Boot came off with a foot injury in the win against Wakefield and missed last week's trip to Huddersfield.

 Although coach Kristian Woolf expects him to be fit - given the strength in depth of the three-quarters and the risk of aggravating the injury there will be no unneccessary risks taken should he not be 100 per cent by Thursday.

Woolf said: "I am going to name him in the 21 and he is most likely going to play.

"It is not a serious injury – but one that can hang around and be a bit niggly.

"If it hasn’t settled to the extent we think it should have by Thursday then we will run a similar line to what we did with Percy the week before he came back and leave him another week and play him the following week."

If Makinson does play it will present a selection headache given that Mark Percival has also come through his first week back in good health and Jack Welsby has been in outstanding form.

"We have got a few good outside backs who are all performing well at the moment and there is real competition for spots," he said.

"If i look at our back five last week they all did a really good job and all put their hands up to say they want to be in the side going forward.

"That is exactly what we need and want.

"Competitveness brings excellence within the group.

"If Tommy comes back we have got some decisions to make there - but if you look at who is in that back five you would want them all in the team somewhere and that is what we will aim to do try and find a spot and a way of them all working out."