AS we continue our build up to Saturday's Challenge Cup clash between Saints and Leeds Rhinos here is a little brainteaser.

How well do you know your history of the players, coaches and games between the clubs?

Answers will be given out online on game day Saturday morning.

1. Which current Saint played for Leeds Rhinos in the early part of his career?

2. Which two players scored hat-tricks in the Super League games against Leeds last year?

3. Which is the odd one out when it comes to Saints v Leeds in knockouts, BBC2 Floodlit, Premiership Trophy, John Player Trophy?

4. Who famously scored before 3pm in the 1972 Challenge Cup Final?

5. Which Saints Wembley winner was sold to Leeds for a £25,000 fee in 1979?

6. Which two members of Saints’ Grand Slam squad of 2006 started their pro careers at Leeds?

7. What is the connection between Saints coach 1990-93 and Rhinos coach 2008-10?

8. When Saints signed Tony Burke from Leeds, who went in the opposite direction?

9. Which coach joined Saints from Leeds in 1974?

10. Which two Saints scored hat-tricks in the 2002 Challenge Cup semi-final?