RUGBY league players will once again be given the opportunity before games to show their opposition to racism, which is one part of the game’s Tackle It action plan.

Whatever action is taken during the 13-second window afforded before each game at Super League, Championship, Women’s Super League or Wheelchair Super League will be player-led and not mandated by the game's governing body.

Last year, on resumption after lockdown, players took the knee to show their support for anti-racism and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Although most Super League teams took the knee, other teams, like Wakefield Trinity, marked it in their own way – and even within clubs there was a difference.

This year players, coaches and match officials will again be allowed that short time just before kick off to demonstrate their opposition to racism in their own way.

Each game commencing by the players lining up and facing the dug-outs like they would for a traditional minute’s silence.

What happens in that 13 seconds is the choice of the individual and in a briefing from the RFL there is a wish for players not to be misunderstood, criticised or left feeling isolated in the choices they take.