SHOULD the way that the Steve Prescott Man of Steel is decided be changed again?

The current panel-voting system has only been in operation for two seasons – after it followed the lead of the NRL vote for their prestigious Dally M award.

Admittedly, this is not the biggest issue facing rugby league at the moment, but the question arises after seeing the press in Australia reporting that an advisory panel will be set up to discuss and recommend changes to the voting system for the NRL’s top individual honour.

Currently they, like Super League, have a panel watching each game and awarding 3, 2, 1 points for the top three players of that encounter.

That is totted up over the course of the year - with the last few rounds of voting hidden from the public to ensure an element of surprise at the awards ceremony.

The British game has wrestled with the top individual honour from its outset in 1977.

Some years there are undisputed, out and out winners, while other selections have triggered debate and controversy.

And plenty of Wiganers are still sore that Trent Barrett was denied being able to complete a Dally M and Man of Steel double in 2007.

The system changed from a panel selection to a more democratic players' vote after 2008.

All players voted for their selection with the results then considered by a panel to decide the winner.

That system, sadly, became discredited when it was revealed that some players made flippant selections.

And so we have to current system of one of a pool of respected past players voting on each match, week-by-week.

The arguments against are that it can favour players who especially stand out in their own team and handicaps players where the top talent is spread across the board. Remarkably, given his outstanding performances over 17 seasons, Saints skipper James Roby has only won it once.

The big fish in a small pond expression is a criticism applied to those who have benefited, although the flip side is that maybe that is the sort of player who deserves accolades, someone who is maybe doing it tougher.

The other problem is age old….does any award system favour the pivots? In the last 10 years all the awards have gone exclusively to 1, 6, 7 and 9s.

In the Super League era James Graham (2008) is the only prop to have won it. And that is the same post 96 with second row, Jamie Peacock (2003), centre, Jamie Lyon (2005), and wing, Pat Richards (2010) being the only recipients in their position.

As much as there would be groans at another suggested change, maybe allocating the players in the whole team points out of 10 is the fairest of all and rewards each player for what they have done on a consistent week-to-week basis.

On the theme of Dally M and Steve Prescott Man of Steel Saints connections, here is a quick brainteaser.

1. Which future Saints coach won the Dally M twice?

2. Who is the only Saint to have won the Dally M and the Man of Steel?

3. Who denied Trent Barrett the double in 2007?

And as a debating point, who is the best player never to have won the Steve Prescott Man of Steel?