WE asked readers to look at this picture of Mike McClennan's team displaying the Lancashire Cup in 1991-92 and name not only those here - but the high-profile internationals missing.

As a recap, that year Saints, skippered by Shane Cooper, defeated Wigan in the semi-final before beating Rochdale Hornets in the final.

This whole squad picture, in front of the iconic St Helens RFC lettering, must have been taken in the weeks following that.

Back row: Riley, Dwyer, Cosgrove, Lever, Tanner.

Middle: Forber, Ward, Jones, Harrison, Neill, Quirk, McClennan.

Front: Ropati, Veivers, Connolly, Bailey, Cooper, Mann, Hunte, Bishop.

Missing from the picture are the injured Anthony Sullivan, Paul Loughlin, Jonathan Griffiths and Sonny Nickle.