IT is Wembley day; a Challenge Cup Final with no fans, no Saints and no Pimblett's party pack.

But we have a Challenge Cup Final quiz to tackle.

1. Batley dropped one goal when they defeated Saints in the first Challenge Cup final in 1897 – how many points was that goal worth?

2. Saints’ second Challenge Cup Final as staged at which ground?

3. Which side did Saints lose to in their first Wembley Challenge Cup Final appearance?

4. Who scored two tries and won the Lance Todd Trophy on his 19th birthday to help Huddersfield beat Saints in the 1953 Final?

5. What year did Saints win the Challenge Cup Final for the first time?

6. Who was the first Saints skipper to lift the Challenge Cup?

7. Tom van Vollenhoven famously inter-passed with which player en route to a spectacular length of the field touchdown in the 1961 final?

8. Vinty Karalius - Saints skipper in the 61 final – returned to Wembley three years later to guide which team to victory?

9. Which future Saints coach made the most Wembley appearances as captain – six in total?

10. Whose 65-yard penalty goal was part of his 13-point haul in the 1966 Final?

St Helens Star:

11. Complete the Valentine Alex Murphy sent to Wigan after 1966 “Roses are red, Violets are blue….?

12. Which Saint scored the fastest ever Wembley try in the 1972 Final?

13. Saints’ 1976 team was given the nickname based on which BBC comedy series?

14. Saints used neither of their subs in the 1978 final - who were they?

15. Who dislodged the ball from Mark Elia’s grasp to foil Saints’ Wembley dreams in 1987?

16. Who skippered Saints in the 1989 defeat by Wigan?

17. Who scored Saints’ only try of the 1991 final defeat by Wigan?

18. Who scored Saints’ opening two tries in the 1996 Challenge Cup final?

St Helens Star:

19. Which two professional teams played an abbreviated curtain before the 1997 Challenge Cup Final?

20. Who presented Saints with the Challenge Cup in 2001?

21. Who won a Challenge Cup winners medal in 2002 AND 2004?

St Helens Star:

22. Which pair of brothers played in the 2004 final?

23. Who did Saints thrash in the semis to reach the 2006 final?

24. Who scored the first try at the new Wembley in 2007?

25. Who did Saints defeat in the final the last time they won at Wembley?