1. FRIDAY'S Golden Point win over Hull KR was a pretty compelling struggle that showed that the Rovers' win over Wigan the week previously was no fluke.

It was a tense, nerve-wracking game - and although there was some some sloppiness and ill-discipline at times, credit to both side's defences im making it a compelling contest.

St Helens Star:

So hats off to Rovers' when Saints were relentlessly pounding their line in the first 25 and Saints when they were down to 12 and they had to prevent the visitors getting within drop goal range.

It may not have been the exhibition stuff Saints have turned on against Leeds, Catalans and Huddersfield - but not every game is going to be a one-sided drubbing. And wouldn't that get pretty boring if it did?

2. The game will have taught Saints a few lessons in patience in their approach when it comes to unlocking tight defences and not panicking or deviating from the script.

Saints made quite a few errors, as coach Kristian Woolf highlighted after the game, loose carries, dropped balls and even a case of yapping back to the referee.

In cases like that the whole team have to take that on the chin and will work it out collectively. It is probably not helpful to highlight and hone in any single player's errors - particularly as mistakes were made by 35 year-olds as well as 19-year-olds.

St Helens Star:

3. When the game went into Golden Point, there was a huge concern. Saints have never won one of those shoot-outs before and last the previous two against London and Castleford.

On top of that, Saints don't really drop a lot of goals these days. Harry Pinner kicked as many drop goals in one Challenge Cup game in 1984 than the whole of the Saints 17 had kicked collectively career-wise prior to Friday. Jonny Lomax has kicked a couple and James Roby and Lachlan Coote slotted one-apiece last year

Credit to Theo Fages, though, for holding his nerve in a first game back from injury and sealing it. And even more to the players for keeping their celebrations within the law.

St Helens Star:

4. The lack of crowds at games is one of the things we are having to bear during this pandemic. And with the R rate going up and the greater restrictions coming in on gatherings it does seem difficult so see how the proposed pilot of fans coming back is going to happen any time soon.

There were Hull fans at the game on Thursday - and likewise at Leeds the week before - watching the game on Ipad but viewing one 20th of the pitch through a crack in the gate. They had not missed a game in 40 years.

There will be a lot of fans hurting that they can't go and see their side and cheer them.

St Helens Star:

5. The game is not the same without the fans, but one side of that shown for those of us lucky to be able to observe is that renewed respect for those warriors out on the field. Really, should hear the crack of the collisions - and they just get on with it and play the ball like nothing has hit them.

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6. The introduction of percentages to decide the final Super League table brought plenty of comments last week.

If anything maybe this should have been put in place at the outset, given it seems inevitable that there is no other way of completing a programme if teams are unable to fulfil games due to Covid-19.

It is a very challenging time, and those charged with administrating the game have to balance player welfare, club finances, the sport's overall income and the demands of television partners.

St Helens Star:

It is not going to be perfect and this could be an asterisk season, but we have just got to get to the end of it as healthy, stable and as financially secure as we can. Kicking 2020 down the road and coming back when it is all over just is not an option.