(This column, written last night, has now been overtaken by this morning's announcement...)

THESE are strange times, playing on through Covid and the challenges that are thrown up daily.

It seems every club is on standby to switch plans, dates and opponents at the drop of a hat in an attempt to keep the fixtures ticking over.

Saints are one of only five clubs who have reached the halfway mark of 10 games, with Catalans having three games to make up.

The games are eventually going to come thicker and faster as Autumn rolls on with the two games a week programme kicking in at the end of this month with the target date set on a November 28 Grand Final.

But what happens if more games fall by the wayside, as seems inevitable as the cases spike?

Is there a Plan B if the season still has teams with a handful of games to catch up as the season reaches its crescendo?

It is understandable that those responsible for this programme were trying to make the best of a bad job. Satisfy the TV pay lords but at the same time throw a bit of a carrot to fans with the hope that spectators could be allowed back.

But you do wonder whether a more flexible approach could have been taken and if a leaf could have been taken out of the way rugby league operated during World War II.

To that end, if some clubs run out of players through injury or the effects of Covid, could there scope to waive the cap and bring Championship players  currently idle.

And secondly, just like during the war, if the league has too many unfulfilled fixtures come early November, would it not be more sensible to class the postponed games as 0-0s, and proceed to the play-offs on the set dates.

Not perfect, but we have to prepare for all eventualities even if it means the year ending with a *.