SAINTS and Great Britain prop Alex Walmsley is urging the people of St Helens ‘to do the right thing’.

Currently training from home, like all of his teammates during the pandemic, he has issued a rallying cry.

“A big thanks to everyone from myself and everyone at the club to all those who are keeping the country going at the minute,” he said.

“All you key workers, whether you’re in supermarkets, driving lorries, keeping the electricity going – whatever you’re doing, whoever you are, thank you!

“And to our emergency services as well, especially the NHS. Obviously you’re the frontline in this battle and we’re very grateful for what you’re doing.

“We’ve seen with everyone being out at their front door applauding you what it means to us as a country and it’s been very moving moments.

“Something that makes you very proud of our country is how we do stick together through perilous times and throughout history we’ve always come together as a country and done the right thing.

“Hopefully I’ll be back on the field soon, playing the game we all love, and being back in that red vee.

“Stay safe out there, keep following the guidelines, make sure we’re doing the right thing and we are protecting our NHS because they’re the real heroes in all of this.

“They’ll be the people who get us through this pandemic.

“Stay positive, keep smiling, keep busy!”