SAINTS skipper James Roby says the club is there to try and help the wider community as it copes with the impact of COVID-19.

With rugby league sidelined for at least fortnight – and widely expected to be significantly longer – the players are having to keep fit on their own for the time being.

Although Roby admitted it was frustrating for players and fans alike, the bigger picture is more important.

Roby said: “It is unprecedented times for everybody in all industries and in society in general.

“It is frustrating for us, but people’s health is more important.

“The club are sticking to the advice the government and governing body are giving to us and we are doing what we are told to do.”

It is a tough time for all in society, with health concerns and worries about family members being compounded by financial concerns like loss of pay and job losses.

Roby recognised that this situation is going to impact on everyone’s life – and said the club will try and fulfil its role as a beacon in the community.

“We know everyone has a lot of anxiety because nobody knows what is going to happen.

“From a personal point of view, and a club point of view, we are here to help.

“We are all in this together.

“If you have an issue, the least we can do is try and help in any way we can,” Roby said.