THERE was a strange feeling about Saints’ trip to Castleford – with rugby league at that point bucking the trend and playing on. Even stranger was Saints losing back-to-back games.

Here are some talking points in what will be our last match-related set of six for a while.

St Helens Star:

1. There was a lot wrong with Saints’ performance – or right with Castleford’s. One noticeable aspect was the way the Tigers pack seemed hungrier and more aggressive.

They routinely smashed the Saints ball carriers ­— whether that was the starting props or line-clearer Tommy Makinson.

Every time they were hit and turned, with Saints getting nothing off the back of it.

In reverse, Saints were a bit of a dog’s dinner at the ruck allowing Cas rake Paul McShane to have a field day.

St Helens Star:

2. In one way we have seen seasons like this before where Saints have played every single league and cup game the year before and then sent a big contingent on tour.

I am looking specifically at Mick Potter’s first year in 2009. Are the players still shattered?

St Helens Star:

3. Another aspect that maybe we are overlooking as we scratch our heads at a team that has now lost as many games in 2020 as it did for the whole of last year.

Could it be that a lot of effort, energy and eggs were placed in the World Club basket.

That was a very good Saints performance against the Roosters - but the subsequent three have not really been up there.

St Helens Star:

4. The left edge was pulled apart on Sunday with Jack Welsby following Matt Costello, James Bentley and Morgan Knowles in filling that hole created by Mark Percival’s injury.

The left is understandably disjointed on both sides of the ball.

It was not lost on Cas coach Daryl Powell - whose side, on the back of getting away from dummy half quickly sent plenty of traffic right to punish Saints' left edge.

It is academic now - but it is possible Mark Percival will be back by the time this Coronavirus lifts. Hopefully we still have a competition.

St Helens Star:

5. Former Saints scrum half Danny Richardson had a field day in his first game against his old club.

He was always going to, wasn't he.

Now there was a mixed opinion on Sunday, with some Saints supporters booing him and taunting him with "used to play for a big club".

Harsh, particularly because the lad didn't want to leave Saints.

Secondly, there is the criticism that he was released from Saints, but the die was cast at the start of last year when Justin Holbrook opted to go with Theo Fages at seven.

On the face of it, who can argue with Justin - with Danny at seven Saints fell short in both semis, but with Theo there they won the Super League.

I would wager that if saints had persevered with Danny - and let Theo go to Cas, the wailing would have been even louder.

Saints could not keep both, especially as that would have blocked the progress of Lewis Dodds in the reserves.

These things happen in sport - all Saints fans should do is wish Danny well.

6. Finally, there was an inevitability that Sunday's trip was going to be the last game for a while.

The Cas club took precautions by putting soap in the toilets and asked fans not to still that and the toilet roll.

Everyone likes Cas, and the atmosphere at Wheldon Road, but all those years after Saints were upbraided for not having nappy changing facilities at Knowles Road and told they were under threat if they didn't move, why do we still have stadia like this with open ends and wooden stands?

That said, we'll have greater things to worry about now.